Driving innovation: Partnership between Hamburg and Dubai Chamber

The Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and the Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry have expanded the cooperation to include an innovation partnership. In line with the „Hamburg 2040“ strategy, the two chambers intend to cooperate more closely in the future on the topics of mobility, energy, and new technologies, exchange knowledge and extend networks. 
RTA Dubai

In line with our strategic vision ‚Hamburg 2040‘, the cooperation with Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry will provide new opportunities for our member companies in Dubai and beyond. Thanks to its openness for new ideas, Dubai provides an excellent launch pad for innovation from Hamburg. Furthermore, as a global hub Dubai is a great starting point for Hamburg-based companies to spot the latest trends in business and innovation and develop new markets in the region.

Malte Heyne, CEO of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce

Innovation partnerships: Share experience and best practices 

An innovation partnership strives to engage a sharing of expertise and best practices. Partners want to foster innovation exchange and develop formats for innovators and start-ups to meet with potential investors and business partners in each region. 

Hamburg and Dubai: same, same but different? 

Life in the cities of the future will evolve around climate-neutral energy supplies, efficient use of natural resources, and the adaption of smart technologies. Both Dubai and Hamburg have developed a vision of what life in their future city should look like, how and which resources should be used, and which technologies should be developed and implemented. While both cities are in vastly different climate zones, they face remarkably similar challenges regarding urban growth, smart connectivity, and intelligent energy supplies. 

„Both Chambers realize the importance of cooperation to drive innovation and to provide effective solutions to boost energy, address environmental concerns and promote sustainability and mobility.“

– H.E Hamad Buamim, President & CEO, Dubai Chamber

H.E. Hamad Buamim noted that Dubai and Hamburg are remarkably similar in terms of logistical prowess, strategic geographical location and strong emphasis on being a trade hub. Therefore, this MoU with the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce seems as a natural next step to further develop their synergies and align the trade and investment agenda. H.E. Buamim added that the MoU aligns with the Chamber’s vision and strategy in supporting its members and businessmen through providing them with suitable opportunities to develop external trade ties with their counterparts worldwide and enhance their competitiveness in international trade practices.

Malte Heyne, CEO of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and H.E Hamad Buamim, President & CEO, Dubai Chamber

Topics: hydrogen technology, smart mobility solutions, and start-ups 

A particular focus in the partnership will be put on cooperation in start-up promotion and internationalization. Both chambers already have effective measures and instruments to promote their local start-ups’ development and foreign market entry. 

Moreover, Hamburg and Northern Germany are a center for wind power and one of the leading hubs for hydrogen technology research and application. At the same time, the UAE looks at diversifying from fossil fuels to renewables, particularly the possibilities of production of blue and green hydrogen for local use and export. 

The third big common topic is new mobility. The partners agree to identify relevant actors and recent developments in each city. They want to share relevant contacts and enable young companies to profit from networks and intelligent business solutions in an international context. 

Outlook: How does it work? 

The Hamburg Representative Office in Dubai with the Hamburg representative Kirsten Staab is in charge of the ongoing success of the partnership. She will execute measures and activities in Dubai to strengthen the innovation partnership and bring it to life. 

„After the slow-down of the past 18 months, there is a strong sense of restart and restructuring to be fit for the new normal in Dubai. It’s a great opportunity for Hamburg and its companies to take part in these new developments and to bring in their expertise. Hamburg Chamber’s long-term presence and our strong partnership with Dubai Chamber enable us to connect them with the right stakeholders on the ground. In this context, I am already looking forward to the next Dubai Hamburg Business Forum.“

– Kirsten Staab, the Director of the Hamburg Representative Office UAE

(22. November 2021)

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